Hot And Cold Water Dispenser

Online water dispenser can be connected to online water purifier.

suitable for bulk drinking water consumption.

application: homes, offices, schools, factories.

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Mobile Water Purifier

Mobile water purifier

Water purifier on wheel ( mobile) which can be taken anywhere, anytime, which will produce pure drinking water out of raw water available on site.

Everyone need drinking water which may not be available everywhere, may needs to buy bottled water which is expensive and not affordable in large consumption, specifically in rural area, functions, wedding, construction site, temporary rehabilitation camps,
Disaster rehabilitation camps, refugee camps, army, police training camps where water is needed in large amount for drinking,
In such scenario people are either spending lots on buying drinking water  or helpless to drink unsafe water because permanent arrangement of drinking water is not always feasible.

Here is the solution of this problem

We have design and manufactured water purifier on wheel , machine which is capable to produce pure and safe drinking water out of any raw water available on site, using high tech water purification process like ultrafiltration technology.


Machine consists of raw water and pure water storage containers and in between , stages of purification, stages and process can vary depending on inlet water Quality, also pump to boost pressure to pass through filtration, pump can be electric or manual, All mounted on a metallic body ( skid ) on wheels to ease mobility.



This innovation is based on our 12 year field experience in Uganda, where we are already into providing drinking water purifiers to homes, schools, offices, hotels but there was always challenges to provide purifiers installed in temporary place for temporary requirements due to non availability of piped water and power,
Idea came in picture to have raw water tank and pure water tank and purifier all in one body on wheel. 
Using the same concept water ATM can be functional in rural areas, whereby people can access safe drinking water all the time, with government and private partnership.



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UV Water Purifier

capacity : 10 ltr / min

Model : SLICK 650


Information: This machine purifies water in 4 stages, sediments filters removes mejor dust particals, multo layer filter cartredge removes all suspended impurity from water, silver impregneted activated carbon removes bad odour ,color and free clorine from water and gives cristal clear appirance to water, further water passes from Ultra violate germocidal rays which distroy bacteria and viruses instantly.


Application: suitable to full fill large consumption of drinking water at factories, industries, hotels, schools.


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Water Purifier

Water Purifier, Uses Reverse osmosis, capacity 20 LPH, suitable where RO is specifically need , application like drinking water where TDS is high, or producing de minerlised water

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Water Purifier

Water Purifier, for Domestic Application, capacity 2 LPM, Uses Ultra filtration membren

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Water Purifier

Water purifier , suitable for drinking water where there is large consumption, capacity 2 LPM

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Water Purifier Reverse Osmosis/Ultrafiltration

Domestic water purifier based on R O technology

capacity: 35 lrt/hr.

suitable for Home, Office, Hotel, School.

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